Problem reordering table tabs

I’m having trouble re-ordering table tabs when I have a lot of tables. Scenario:

  • Create base with ~20 tables
  • Use > to view the last set of tabs
  • Try to re-order any of the last set of tabs to show up on the first set of tabs.
    ** Drag the tab all the way to the left so it is the first tab that appears. Note that dragging it over the < does not scroll the tabs.
    ** Use < to navigate to the first set of tabs. The tab you are trying to re-order scrolls off the right and is not visible to continue dragging

I think the < > tab scroll controls should have at least one tab of overlap to avoid this problem, or that the tabs should scroll when dragging a tab off the end. As a workaround, I tinker with the window size until I can move the tab incrementally until it shows up on the first set of tabs. Any easier workarounds?

While dragging a table tab, you can tap the left and right cursor keys to shuffle the tabs left and right, which would allow you to drag as far to either end as you want.

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