Problem when I embed a grid view of a table

Hi! When I embed a grid view of a table, the Attachments of a linked record (a photo in this case) it s not shown

And this is how it originally looks the view in my Airtable base:

Can someone help me to understand why this is happening? Thanks

Welcome to the community, @Emilia_Cejas!

This is one of the many limitations of Airtable’s embedded views. Embedded views have a ton of limitations — for example, embedded views on mobile devices don’t even have toolbars at the top, so you can’t search/sort/filter/etc.

I would send an email to and let them know that you would like to see embedded views improved.

Most of my clients are using to have fully-featured embedded views on their websites, both desktop & mobile. MiniExtensions is an awesome service that fills in many of the missing gaps in Airtable.

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