Problem with multiple-selection field ? How to repeat values


I’m facing an issue with the “Multiple Select” field when adding multiple values (decimals) of the current price of the kW.

Sometimes, the kW price doesn’t change for the next two hours, so the value is repeated, but the table only saves one of them…


0:00 - price is 0.12261000
1:00 - price is 0.15979000
2:00 - price is 0.15979000
3:00 - price is 0.14321000

But in the field, it’s saving only: 0.12261000, 0.15979000, 0.14321000

Instead of:

0.12261000, 0.15979000, 0.15979000, 0.14321000

How can I allow the same item multiple times inside the multiple-selection field?

I’m adding the records using the API.


You can’t repeat values in a multiple select field. Sounds like you need to be creating new records (i.e. new rows) instead of trying to put multiple values within the same record (i.e. row).

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