Problem with nested IF statement - I've tried everything!


I’ve gone through countless tutorials as well as the forum and I just don’t understand why this is not working.

I have a single-select for “round/type of item” with options like charge-off1, charge-off2, etc.
I need for the formula to be if round/type of item is charge-off1 = delete it, if round/type of item is charge-off2 = prove it, if blank = blank

This is what I’ve gotten from one of the forum posts I just saw:

IF(Round/type of item = charge-off1, “delete it”, IF(Round/type of item = charge-off2, “prove it”, IF(Round/type of item=BLANK(),BLANK())))

No matter what I do, it gives me an error! Please help! Does this just not work with single or multiple select??
I need it to be single-select = text, formula = text


It could just be that you’re missing the curly brackets around your field names, and quotes around the field values. Change your formula to be:

IF({Round/type of item} = "charge-off1", "delete it", IF({Round/type of item} = "charge-off2", "prove it", IF(Round/type of item=BLANK(),BLANK())))

Alternatively, you could use the SWITCH() function, and write the formula like this:

SWITCH({Round/type of item}, "charge-off1", "delete it", "charge-off2", "prove it", "")

The last option, ("", in the example above), is the fall-back value for whenever {Round/type of item} doesn’t match any of the previous values in the statement.


thank you! took me 3 hours but I figured it out!

IF(T({Round/type of item}) = “charge-off1”, “you’ve reported 3 different dates under date of last activity - remove for violation”,
IF(T({Round/type of item}) = “charge-off2”, “the required notice of dispute was not entered within 30 days - delete this account immediately pursuant to section 623”,
IF(T({Round/type of item}) = “charge-off3”, “you did not perform an independent investigation - delete this account immediately”,
IF(T({Round/type of item}) = “charge-off4”, “you’ve reported late payments after this account was closed - remove this account”,
IF(T({Round/type of item}) = “charge-off5”, “3 different dates listed under date of last payment - remove for inaccuracy”,
IF(T({Round/type of item}) = “collection1”, “I don’t know what this is - please remove this unverified account unless you can furnish a signed contract”,
IF(T({Round/type of item}) = “collection2”, “You didn’t furnish the signed contract - delete this unverified account”,
IF(T({Round/type of item}) = “collection3”, “how did you verify this account when the collection agency stated they had no information on me? Delete this!”,
IF(T({Round/type of item}) = “collection4”, “section 609 states that you must furnish the actual paperwork that I filled out and signed or this cannot report!”,
IF(T({Round/type of item}) = “collection5”, “this account was not legally verified and it needs to be removed for violation immediately”,
IF(T({Round/type of item}) = “late payment1”, “I paid on time and was never late; please remove any and all late payments and update to paid as agreed”,
IF(T({Round/type of item}) = “late payment2”, “you did not legally verify this payment history - I need to see the proof or you need to update to paid as agreed”,
IF(T({Round/type of item}) = “late payment3”, “please send me the bank statements belonging to this creditor that prove I ever paid late. Update to paid as agreed”,
IF(T({Round/type of item}) = “late payment4”, “send me the proof that you ever did an independent investigation and did not just parrot what you were told!”,
IF(T({Round/type of item}) = “late payment5”, “this account does not comply with the FCRA regulations - I did not pay late and you did not legally verify”,
IF(T({Round/type of item}) = BLANK(),BLANK()))))))))))))))))


I don’t think you need the T() wrappers around your field names. The field names alone should work as long as they have the necessary curly braces.

I also agree with @Neads_Admin that a SWITCH statement would be a little cleaner, because your IF statements are all checking the same field, and simply changing results based on what’s in that field.