Problem with Rollup Function: How to sum a certain category income in another table

I have below table which I track all the transactions each per row.

Transaction No Description Income Category Total Amount
N1 Apple Social Media 100$
N2 Nike Production 120$
N3 Mercedes Content 310$
N4 Adidas Production 170$
N5 Toyota Content 210$
N6 Porsche Social Media 305$

Using the above detailed table, I want to create another table where I summarize the total sum of respecting categories. What I want to do it, I want to sum all values belonging to a specific category in another summary table.

Income Category Total Amount
Social Media 405$
Production 290$
Content 520$

Tried to use Rollup but no luck. Any idea how I can do this?


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Welcome to the Airtable community!

In order to use a rollup, you need to have linked records.

For your situation, I recommend a new table for [Income Categories] with one row per income category. Then convert the {Income Category} field to a linked record field that links to the new [Income Categories] table. Finally create the rollup in the new [Income Categories] table.

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Thank you so much. I was doing the other way from the beginning. Now I solved and understood the logic.

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