Problem with sorting dates


I miss the possibility to sort entries by dates without putting the entries without dates first. It is not logical for tasks use for example. Similar feature would be the ability to group by a field separating in two groups : entries with this field empty and entries with this field not empty. For example, entries without dates and entries with dates.


Thanks for the feedback, over time we plan on making Sorting more powerful and customizable, so we may at some point introduce a way to specify whether blanks appear at the beginning or end.

For now, you can create a formula field with the value IF({Due Date}, 1, 0) (where Due Date is the name of your date field). That will give you a 1 when the date is filled and 0 when the date is empty.

You can group by this formula field to get 2 groups as you described.

You can also sort by this field and then by the date field, in order to get the sort order you described with non-empty dates first.


I agree. The blanks being entered above the sorted list is frustrating. I am alphabetically sorting tags, and I expect to start with A. I want to check that I have tagged my entries correctly before continuing to tag the remainder.


Any update on this @Matt_Bush?

(My use case is similar, containing due dates)