Product Catalog Base Linking question

Ive got a product catalog base setup to track items, but im struggling with our shipment details. Each item could belong to multiple shipping carton assortments, and each assortment could have different weighting in the shipper carton. I want to be able to track this so that once we received total sales qty per assortment, I can see the total amount of each item we need to produce.


12345-Asst > Product A 3pcs, Product B 3 pcs
12346-Asst > Product A 1pc, Product B 2pc, Product C 3pcs

I currently have Table 1 as my products, and Table 2 as my Assortment #'s. Sales adds qtys to order in the Assortment page, but that only tells me 50K pcs of 12345-Asst and 25K pcs of 12346-Asst.

What I need to know is that actually means: Product A = 50k x3 + 25K x1 (175K pcs); and Product B is 50k x3 + 25K x2 (200K), and Product C is 25K x3 (75k pcs)

I have tried numerous attempts at making this work in my base, but without success.

Hi @matt_stewart,

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The trick here is a new table that includes a single Record for whatever is inside each Assortment.

So, you will have a new table, link it to the Asst table and the Items table. You can then Rollup the new data into either table to get a total value.

I have setup something similar to a client recently, feel free to contact me on if you need more help.


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