Product Suggestion: allow column headers to wrap field names onto multiple lines

It would be a real game-changer — and totally awesome — if the column headers at the top of Airtable’s grid view would wrap lengthy field names onto multiple lines.

Other spreadsheet programs allow for variable heights of the column headers — we should have the same capability in Airtable.

Currently, Airtable cuts off the text of lengthy field names, but it’s our only choice if we want to keep our columns tight & narrow. If we want to see long field names, we are required to keep our columns extra-wide, which wastes a lot of screen space.

Check out the screenshot below for an example of this problem. Notice how much wasted space there is, simply because we want to see the field names above.

Our users often request descriptive field names so that they can understand exactly what they are looking at in the rows below. But descriptive field names end up making the column extremely wide.

Yes, we could come up with some sort of abbreviation for the field names, but it’s nicer for our users to see the entire field name. Yes, our users could also hover our mouse over the field names to see the entire name in a tooltip, but that is inconvenient & it takes time for the tooltip to appear.

In other words, what I’m requesting is either:

  1. The column headers should automatically increase their size vertically to accommodate longer field names.
  2. We should be able to manually change the height of the column headers.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Yes! Also enabling text-wrapping to create rows of differing height would be a huge upgrade visually!

You can currently choose from 4 different heights for your rows, but you can’t yet change the height of the column headers.

Does Airtable have an option for allowing rows to be different heights based on a text-wrapping field? Thereby allowing one record to be smaller or larger than another.

No, but that would be very cool.