PRODUCT SUGGESTION FOR FORMS: Hidden fields & hidden prefill fields that actually submit

Not sure if this is a bug in Airtable or just a missing feature, but we really need this feature. Airtable needs the ability for us to have hidden fields on forms that will submit data upon form submission.

Currently, Airtable doesn’t accept the values from any hidden fields.

Here’s the situation:

My clients are currently having difficulties with Airtable forms, because prefilling fileds on forms (using the “?prefill_fieldname=” syntax) only works if the fields that you’re prefilling are actually visible upon submitting.

We’re trying to prefill hidden fields on the form that we’ve hidden using Airtable’s brand new conditional field feature for forms. So we’ve hidden a bunch of fields (using fake values that will always result in false). We’re forcing these fields to be hidden.

These hidden fields actually get their prefilled values filled in correctly!

How do we know this? Because if we type in the fake values to “show” these hidden fields again, the prefilled values are visible! The prefilled values are right there!

But — the only way to get these values to be added into our Airtable database upon form submission is to keep the field visible.

If the field is hidden, Airtable won’t submit the value into the base, which then defeats the purpose of having a hidden field to begin with.



I strongly agree with that request. Most of the times It makes no sense to prefill and let user mess with the prefill value.


Not a native Airtable form but On2Air Forms by @openside can do this with JotForms.

A new, upgraded version of On2Air Forms is also in the works.

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One of the features that we’ve added recently to our form builder is the ability to prefill hidden fields!

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Wow! This is awesome, @Moe! Thanks for creating this! :slight_smile:

100% agree. It’s the most glaring missing feature on Forms, and the one big thing that really stops it from being a viable non-anonymized collection tool for almost every customer-facing business. It’s just not feasible to prefill a company name on a form if the recipient can ‘x’ out their company and then look at a list of every single other customer I have.


Won’t be able to use Airtable without this tbh. missing a trick.

The lack of this feature is a huge blocker. I’m sure it’s pretty simple to implement and the value of this is enormous.

Everyone, please be sure to email about this. I emailed them, and they didn’t understand why it was such a big deal to me. :man_shrugging:t2::man_facepalming:t2: Perhaps they’ll understand if they receive more emails from different people with different needs for this feature.


Also emailed, this is a major blocker for me too. :crossed_fingers:

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This is a must for us too!

And for me too! This feature so easy to implement and so important!
I can’t find any reasons, why AirTables do not do this:(

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agreed! thanks for posting this @ScottWorld

I found a work around for this! BUT, it would still be awesome if Airtable implemented this suggestion :slight_smile:

Using the new Airtable automations feature, you can create a new Airtable record with whatever fields you need pre-filled, separate from what info the client submits in a separate form… So upon submitting a Google Form, I can populate fields in Airtable with info from the Google Form and whatever else I need in Airtable, determined by me.

Hey Airtable, can we please please please have this feature?

Agreed @ScottWorld. As I noted here, in addition to setting hidden form values via query argument, it would also be convenient to be able to define values for hidden form fields by view

Yep, please keep bugging about this minor but very important change to forms.

In the meantime, we all need to use a professional form building tool like JotForm or MiniExtensions.

Can we please get this feature?!

so they have done something that will help. you can now use the 'when a form is submitted trigger so you could run an automation to update the record when it is submitted

How this is not a feature already is beyond me. Please add this soon :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: