PRODUCT SUGGESTION FOR FORMS: Hidden fields & hidden prefill fields that actually submit

Can you elaborate pls? When the form is submitted the contents of the hidden field or URL parameter will be gone so how do you grab them for the automation?

well. usually if youre hiding it from the user its something that the user isn’t changing. if that’s the case you just write an automation that says when a form is submitted update it with this info.

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youre the one who put the prefill things in there, just prefill it after instead of before. but it depends on the usecase

This feature is a must. Been looking for that for a long time

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Yes, this is a must! This thread started in July 2020, I don’t understand why this feature has not been prioritized.

Generally, it’s one of a few things, Either because the underlying problem requires too much restructuring needed to accomplish it. That there is already a way that most people know that only a few people are missing. They built in a different feature that solves the issue. Or they’re already working on it and everyone needs to be patient. Not saying any of those are applicable here. I don’t know. but every time I ask these questions one of those is the answer. Ultimately what we need is transparency.