Product Suggestion: Hovering over long text fields should show text preview at all row heights

This actually might be a bug in Airtable, but I’d like to add it as a feature request:

In Grid View, if your row height is set to “short”, you can hover over a “Long Text” field and Airtable will give you a tooltip with a preview of the full text. This is very helpful! See screenshot below.

However, as soon as you change your row height to any other height besides “short”, these preview tooltips no longer activate anymore. Even if you still have unseen text in the long text field, Airtable won’t show you the preview tooltip anymore.

It would be very helpful if the preview tooltips always displayed if there was still more text to be seen — regardless of the row height.



I would like to also see a scroll bar in these pop ups to preview even more text if it’s so long that this preview box is too small for the entirety of what’s written in that field.

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