Product Suggestion: Please stop showing new View Sidebar

Signed up just to add my +1 here.

I can well imagine that for someone going back and forth between views on a frequent basis, the sidebar is very useful. I can get behind that.

Yet, in its current incarnation, the new sidebar is quite an obtrusive design.

What bothers me especially is that the sidebar sticks around between tables in my base. There are tables where I can accept displaying such sidebar all the time, but others that I don’t, especially when I use gallery views.

That the width of the sidebar cannot be changed is also rather irksome.

An option to switch between dropdown and sidebar seems to me the best option, especially considering that right now the sidebar design is too incomplete.

It should never be ON by default. Bad design.
Let people decide to have it on or off by default. I hate it and it’s driving me mad.

Agreed. Sometimes I want it there, sometimes I don’t. I would like the option to set the preference on a base-by-base, or even table-by-table basis.

I think Microsoft Outlook has a good implementation of the suggested changes to the view sidebar. In outlook, the Folders panel comes in three states: collapsed, slide out, and pinned.

In the collapsed state it takes up next to no screen space, with folder names visible/clickable

In the slide out state, the panel appears as an overlay without pushing content over

In the pinned state, the panel remains fixed in full width to the left of the screen and content is pushed over to the right. With all three states, Outlook remembers which state the user chose between sessions.

I think if Airtable should use this approach for the views panel instead of its current iteration.


This is a fantastic approach to solving this problem!

Also, it doesn’t work properly! :frowning:
CTRL+SHIFT+K opens the pane but when I should be in the search box and I input text to search between views, it creates a new record instead.
Please fix this, it worked just fine earlier.

I’m experiencing the same prob as many others where the Views pane defaults to and open state whenever I open an existing base. It’s incredibly annoying to have to continuously close this view. If it’s supposed to be defaulting to a closed state, it’s not working, at least not for me. I’d much prefer that it default to closed. If I want to change the view, I can easily open the pane myself.

I agree! Most of the time I don’t need the Views panel. The new behavior of it being open by default is very irritating. Please fix this ASAP. Don’t require the views panel to be open so that I need to close it. Thank you!

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Everyone who has posted in this thread: Thank you for voicing your concerns here, and please continue to do so! :slight_smile: Additionally, please be sure to share your concerns with, because it’s unknown how frequently the Airtable team checks this thread, and I know that we’d all like to see this issue resolved as quickly as possible.

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For me personally, I feel like one of the biggest problems with this new feature is that instead of the old “View” menu which was super-easy & quick & functional (because we could just switch to a new view), now we have to take 3 steps:

  1. Open the sidebar (which shifts the entire database to the right) by moving your mouse all the way up to the “View” menu.
  2. Choose the new view, which may be all the way down below.
  3. Close the sidebar (which shifts the entire database back to the left again) by moving your mouse all the way up to the “View” menu again.

So, now it’s 3 lengthy steps, when this used to be just 1 easy step that didn’t interfere with the screen at all! It used to be just a simple drop-down menu!


Just today, I noticed that the sidebar was no longer automatically opened when I switched to a new table. However, the interaction cost noted above by @ScottWorld is still a big impact.

Additionally, long titles/names of views get cut off and there is literally NO OPTION for me to see the entire name for certain views. Which is super frustrating, because in some instances I have very specific names for indicating what I’ve filtered/grouped/etc.

Wow, that’s a really great point. The ONLY way that you can see the full name of a view in the list of views is to hover over the name of the view with your mouse. Very frustrating.

This was not the case before, when you could always see the full names of the view in the list.

Please be sure to report this to

I have no idea why the Airtable team insists on cutting off important information throughout their entire product line. Text gets cut off everywhere in the entire product line: Calendar view, gallery view, kanban view, form view, charts, graphs, all of the linked fields in expanded views of a linked record field, column headers, page designer block, list of views, etc.

There is no area in the entire Airtable product line that ever shows the full name of “lengthier text”. This is just really bad design direction from the Airtable team.

+1 The new views panel should be closed by default. The extra click for those who want it open is not symmetrical to the extra click of those that want it closed. If you need to change to a different view and need to make an extra click for that, at least your mind was already thinking about views, whereas the person that needs to close it, was not thinking about views at all and that extra action was imposed on them. Every single time…

I don’t like the new sidebar view window. It cuts down on screen real estate when it’s out. Plus that moving in and out is disruptive to the visual flow of things. I don’t want to have to see the entire screen shift to the right just to pick a different view…!
The classic drop down window is much more subtle and less intrusive.
If you absolutely must introduce that sidebar, please make it an option.
Thank you!

Airtable what is the deal? We have been complaining for a month now - that’s way too long for an “experiment”. Revert this, fix this, deal with it please. It remains awful.

I agree. This new sidebar truly destroys the Airtable experience. Please be sure to email with your comments, because they don’t monitor these forums very closely.

We definitely welcome feedback directed to our support team, but our our product team does monitor the feedback shared here. Feel free to continue sharing thoughts here in the community :+1:

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Nice, this is great to know that you are watching & listening to us here! :slight_smile:

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I manage a SaaS product myself. If so many of my users (or even half) clearly told me what they like and don’t like in an experiment - I would listen and act.

No kidding. Personally, my biggest disappointment with Airtable is that it frequently feels to me like the Airtable team has not cultivated an internal corporate culture of listening to its users or having a dialogue with its users. It often feels like a huge disconnect between “them” and “us”, and it feels very disheartening to me personally, because I often feel voiceless.

The way that I personally experience this playing out in the real world is that it frequently means poorly-chosen features, half-baked features, or buggy features. Even when we report problems in the product where things are legitimately broken (e.g. the URL preview block won’t work with 100% of Vimeo links, the Maps Block creates constant extraneous unnecessary API calls to Google Maps which costs people real money with additional Google charges, and dozens more problems), the issues very rarely get fixed. But most frequently, the lack of dialogue with its users results in half-baked features (i.e. kanban views, calendar views, and expanding linked record fields comes to mind).

The old dropdown menu for switching views was clearly superior in a dozen different ways (including the simple facts that it didn’t cut off lengthy view names like the new interface does, and it didn’t keep shifting the user interface, and it didn’t take up valuable screen real estate) — yet Airtable seems insistent on rolling out the inferior sidebar fo everyone.

At the very least, give our users the OPTION of choosing the superior dropdown menu interface (i.e. the original interface) or the inferior sidebar menu interface (i.e. the new interface). Another new user today just posted about this here:

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