Product Suggestion: Text formatting in Page Designer

I have a feature request - to be able to have variable weight of font within a text box. This would allow me to have something like
First Name: {First Name}

Within the block. I use a mixture of static text and field variables and I would like to differentiate so the text flows nicely on the page and not have to move multiple pieces of information to make a page flow properly.



Hi @Grow_With_Jen

Is this post for a product suggestion only, or for help with an issue, too?

If it’s both, you could copy this post and paste it into a new one and select “Product Suggestions”, then it will be seen as a suggestion.

If it’s just a “Product Suggestions”, only, then just change accordingly.

Just to let you know.

Thank you,

Thanks, I moved it :slight_smile:

Long text fields have rich text formatting capability, the Page Designer Block should duplicate this functionality.

The long text does duplicate this BUT I am using the static text box to include static text and merge information, example

First Name {First Name from Airtable Field} and I want First Name to be bold and the airtable field to not be bold. I am not aware of a solution “out of the box” that combines both pieces of information in the long text box formatted to replace the static text in the text box.

If you look at the first block, that is the Long Text Test field, but when merged in a Static Text box, the formatting goes away.

Right, that’s what I meant. The “Content” box should have the same capabilities as Long Text fields do so we could highlight bracketed (or non bracketed) text and make it bold, italic, etc.

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