Product update: improvements to base sharing

TL;DR: We’ve improved our sharing flow to make it easier for you to share bases and views with teammates.

Hello everyone! My name is Sophie, and I’m a product manager at Airtable focused on helping users sign up and invite their teammates to join Airtable.

After looking at our usage data and talking with users, we learned that our base sharing flow was complex and that many people struggled to invite their teammates. The UI was crowded, and users had a hard time understanding what their sharing options were and where they should start.

To solve this, we streamlined the base sharing UI while maintaining how everything works so that your sharing options are crystal clear, but you still have all the functionality you need! You can now invite a user to the workspace, base, or a view all within the same dialog.

These updates are now available to anyone who isn’t on an enterprise plan, and will be available for all enterprise customers by the end of the month.

If you’ve got feedback, you can fill out this form—we’d love to hear from you!




At first glance, this looks great! :smiley:

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Nice update

I share read only links a lot. What I often find is I have to share 3 or 4 different view links with people to give them different insights into my data.

I’d like to be able to share one read only link to the entire base - and to be able to hide views and tables that are not relevant. sharing the whole base just confuses users as they can see working views / junction tables etc that they don’t need to see.

Hoping I’ve missed a feature but don’t think I have!

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Sorry to hijack your thread but OMG. I think I’ve just realised what you can use sync’d bases for? That’s one of their uses isn’t it? Ie set up a base for a specific team and sync only relevant info into it.

I knew sync’d bases existed but didn’t really think what they are for - then after posting this had a bit of a eureka moment!

Dohhhhhh :grimacing:

Hope so. Watching table talk videos now to check.

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Yup. That is a common use case.Sync the views you want to a new base and then share that entire base.

Note that you may need to explicitly indicate which fields are linked record fields in the names of the synced fields, as those fields will come through as text fields. Or you could relink the tables.

Also, if you want people to see different views of the same table, you might want to sync a master view with all the fields for all those views and then recreate all the views for that table.


Thanks so much - that’s really helpful!

Have a good weekend all

I’m so embarrassed by this!

I have been using Airtable for a while now and really wanted a way of being able to share just one read only link to a base so I can share it with different teams. I’d previously sent each team two or three or more links to read only views and not surprisingly they had become swamped in links.

Sync’d bases fixes that. Takes a little to set up but so worth it. Can’t believe I didn’t know and apologies again for hijacking this thread.

Now for custom URLSs and branding……?


Hi @Sophie_Airtable and welcome to the community :clap: I’m very happy to see the first steps Airtable is taking to communicate better with this community.

Good update also!

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Looks great, but I am just curious as to why there is a delay in the launch with Enterprise? Considering what is being paid on an enterprise plan.

Not sure if this is the right thread …
Re. sharing:
I share a lot of information in synced bases. Some bases have multiple tabs or 3 or more synced tables. I would like to hide the tables - simply to make the appearance a bit cleaner. Is this possible?

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This has been one of the most requested features