Production & Batch Tracking


I’d like to use Airtable to do production / batch / inventory tracking for a manufacturing company. We currently use digital logs (google sheets) to track our raw material intake, bulk production, secondary production, & product packaging.

In a perfect world we would like a simple system that take that data and does a couple of things:

  • Track production / packaging output based on batch number, product name, or product type
  • Report on-hand inventory, filterable by product type or name
  • Report production / packaging by date range
  • Pull reports of total production / packaging based on batch ID
  • Pull reports of total production / packaging based on vendor (multiple batch IDs)

I looked for some templates that were close, but didn’t find something out there that was easily modifiable. So I guess I’m really looking for someone to build this for me (for pay, of course).

Any takers?