Programmatically/conditionally switch views?

Hello all, I seek your advice please.
Is it possible to switch views in a linked field using a conditional statement?
Eg if colour = black, Switch to linked view filtered to black item, if colour = blue, switch view filtered to blue items?
Thank you in advance

There are some gaps missing in your description. Where is this color going to be chosen to drive the view? In the same table where the color-specific views live, or in another one?

If you’re okay with selecting the driving color in a secondary table, this can be done, though what it will do is change the contents of a single view, not programmatically switch to a predetermined view related to that chosen color. Views can only be switched manually.

To begin, create a table called something like [CTL] (short for “Control”). This table will only contain a single record, with the name being a period symbol, and the only other field being a single select with your desired color choices.


In the table where you have your main items, you’re probably starting with something like this:


Add a link field targeting the [CTL] table, and fill all records with a link to that lone “.” record (hint: make the first link manually, then drag-fill the rest).


Add a lookup field using those links to pull the value of the {Color} field from the [CTL] table.



Add a formula field named {Match} to your main table using this formula:

IF({Selected Color} = Color, "✅")


Now add a filter to the view that only shows records where {Match?} is not empty, which leaves you with this:


Change the color in the [CTL] table, and the displayed records automatically update in the main table to match the selected color:



Hide the helper fields in the main table and you’re done.

Thank you. Let me work through this and see if it does what I need. It may take me a couple of days as I have a priority list with a timeline! Thank you.