Programmatically create a new table when close to 50,000 limit or every week

Is it possible to create a new table programmatically When the table reaches 40,000 rows or when a week has gone by?

I don’t want to click anything to make it happen. Planning on doing this for a lot of clients.

I can do it in google sheets but I’d prefer airtable.

Hi Matt, and welcome to the community!

I hear ya. Airtable has no capacity to do this [presently]; that could change but perhaps a ways off.

The way I achieve scalability beyond 50,000 records is to create a parallel database that is always at the ready to absorb the overflow and manage the segmentation of data-at-rest vs operational data needs. I typically do this with two platforms; ElasticSearch and Firebase.

Google sheets has a similar ceiling as discussed here. Be careful; that would be like changing chairs on the Titanic. :wink:

Thanks @Bill.French for answering so quickly!

What happens to the data after it hits 50,000?

Will the old ones be deleted to make room for the new ones?

That depends on the requirements you develop for a hybrid-data solution.

Ideally, all Airtable data is captured in the sustainable and near-limitless cavern of the selected [alternate] database system, and then – depending on use cases,
user needs, and other process requirements – data is either archived based on metrics applied via the Airtable API, or it is paged into and out of Airtable to fit certain operational objectives.

This is neither easy nor is it a trivial matter. It requires carefully crafted integration based on automated and intelligent processes that make Airtable seem like it has limitless data storage and accessibility.

Thanks @Bill.French!

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