Project gantt and Team gantt views

Hello I have these four pieces of data:
Project Name {Text Field, Primary Field}
Project Start {Date}
Project End {Date}
Project Team (multiple people) {???} *can be separate table

I want to be able to create these views:
a gantt view for my projects
This will show the project name and the start and end dates

a gantt view for each individual team member
This will show each project they are working on

My team will consist of four individuals that will be working each project. Some projects will have all 4, others will only have a couple. I need to be able to see how many projects each person is working on and how long they will be busy with projects.

For the Project Team data I’ve tried linked records, collaborators, and mult-selects but they aren’t being treated as individuals, they are being treated as a group in all the versions of the gantt I’ve tried.

Hi @Jeremy_Abrahams , I think to achieve a gantt view for each individual team member you’re going to need a new table where each record contains the team member, project name, project start date and project end date I’m afraid.

Definitely not the answer you’re looking for I reckon, but I think it’s the only way

Projects table:

Projects by Team Member table:
Screenshot 2022-08-24 at 10.11.23 AM

Projects by Team Member gantt:

Adam, thank you. I was afraid it would be something like this. Not sure AirTable is the correct tool then, unfortunately.

Hmm, would it help if I told you we could automate the data updates to the Projects by Team Member table?

That is to say, you would set up the Projects by Team Member table’s layout and automations, and after that you would never touch it again, you would just refer to the Gantt view within that table

All your updates would be made to the Projects table and would automatically sync up

I consulted a coworker and she was able to show me how to use a timeline view to achieve what I needed. For whatever reason Timelines allow “split multiple values” but gantt doesn’t.

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