Projected date formula

Hello, I use this formula to compute the projected funding date for a borrower. the Funding date is usually 3 days after the borrower signs the final documents. This formula does it just fine, but I need to exclude Saturdays and Sundays from the formula. for example, if a borrower signs on Monday the 15th, then he should be funded on Thursday the 18th. However if the borrower signs on Saturday the 20th then he should be funded on Wednesday the 24th.
Please note, signings can be done on saturdays, but funding can not.
existing formula.
DATEADD({Signing Dt/Tm},3,‘day’)
thankyou in advance

Hi @Bridget_Ruiz,

You would use the WORKDAY function for this:

WORKDAY({Signing Dt/Tm},3)

You can also have this function skip over holidays, but you’d have to hardcode in every single holiday date that you want it to skip over. More details on the formula field reference page here:

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Thank you, but the formula you gave me didn’t work. The formula I already have works fine, I just need to find a way to incorporate the workday formula into it.

My formula gives you EXACTLY what you asked for: 3 work days in the future from your {Signing Dt/Tm} field. That’s exactly what you asked for, and that’s exactly what my formula gives you. If you’re looking for something different, then please let me know what you’re looking for.

Apologies, the formula was a valid formula, but for whatever reason, it did not compute the correct dates.

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