Properly Format Date?

I’m using Airtable to schedule event times and am trying to tie a few fields together with a formula but am having trouble getting the date to play along.

Right now I have a project name field and then multiple events within a project over a few dates/times.

So for example, I’d like to have:

Project 1 - 4/10 2:00pm
Project 1 - 4/10 4:30pm
Project 1 - 4/10 7:00pm

I have a relevant date/time field, but then when I use a formula to include that field in a name, it formats it in a way I do not want. When I use datetime_format, it’s in the wrong time zone (I think) and I can’t change it in the formula formatting.

This is what I’m using:

{Project}&" - "&DATETIME_FORMAT({Start Date Time},‘M-DD-YY h-mm’)

You can use the SET_TIMEZONE function to set the time zone for your date.

Your formula would look something like this:

{Project}&" - "&DATETIME_FORMAT(SET_TIMEZONE({Start Date Time},'America/Los_Angeles'),'M-DD-YY h-mm')

You can find a list of supported time zones on this page:

Also, for a deep dive into time zones, you can check out my sample base & training video here:

Hope this helps!

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