Provide "equals" or "matches exactly" option for Filtered View based on Linked field


I have {Events} linked to {Program} and if I attempt to filter {Events} based on the {Program} I can’t require it to match exactly, I can only specify “contains” which means “womens”, “fishermens”, and “mens” will ALL be returned if I specify “mens”—so there’s essentially no way to created a Filtered View just showing the events belonging to the “mens” program.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll pass it onto the team. In the meantime, you can create additional filters with “does not contain” to narrow down your search.


+1 for this feature. This feels like a glaring omission unless it’s limited to paid accounts.


Very easy fix for this, just create a formula field that simply contains the value of the Linked Record field you are trying to exactly match. Then, you will be able to filter with the exact “is…” option on that formula field. Works great, I used this regularly.