Public access: how many unique visitors viewed/accessed the tables?

Hi - I plan on making my table viewable by the public. I’d like to see how many unique visitors and total views on the table. Airtable Support team said this is currently not a native feature - anyone found a workaround for this? Thanks for the help!

First a little backtground – Airtable is correct in this assertion for two reasons;

  1. The use of views in a web context places the content in an iFrame which is completely outside the realm of the Airtable UI so even if Airtable offered user analytics, it would be very difficult to determine the activity occurring on a third-party server.

  2. Capturing user analytics in a web app requires the monitoring service to be able to see and understand what visitors are actually clicking on. This is cross-domain analytics and it’s very difficult to do. Here’s why.

Using off-the-shelf Google Analytics in your web page where Airtable is hosted will provide you with this data, and it’s free.

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