Public comments : Free "Commenter" users / Autorise comments in Shared View & Shared base

Airtable have a loooot of potential for public informations sharing but is currently missing its opportunity. I would not pay for 1000 users as commenters but I would like to let 1000 users to give me their feedback on some records from a base in my Pro Plan.

An easy way to do it would be to set “Commenter users” the same way as “Real-Only users”, not considered within the billing.

Benefit for a company : Be able to gather a lot of feedbacks on multiples assets & data from the public

Benefit for Airtable : More customers & visibility. Since I want to gather some information from a lot of Customer & Suppliers, I will want to invite them all as “Commenter” so they will learn about Airtable and because they will need to create an account they might try and buy.

Per example :

  • Share a Kanban Product roadmap and gather suggestions
  • Share a Products Gallery view to gather feedbacks
  • Share a video asset base with mass users to let them clic on a video record, watch it through dashboard (loom or video) and give me their feedback trough the record comment feature.

While somewhat limited, the new button field makes a lot of this possible! You can create a button that opens a form that creates an “comment” record in a linked table. Then you can use a roll up field in the original record to capture comments.

To make this even easier on the public, you can use a formula in the button field to prefill the form with the selected record.

A bit of a work around, but works with shared views!

Buttons are awesome :smiley:

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