Pull data from grid to a form

Hi Everyone,
First time posting a question here :slight_smile:

  1. I have a grid with different jobs, and I’d like to create a form for people to apply to the jobs posted.
  2. I’d like to enable people who submit the form to choose a job title and company from a dropdown.
  3. I’d also like the enable them to upload their CV and cover letter, but without it affecting the fields in the grid (I don’t want the grid to include the files).
  4. Once submitted I’d like an automated email to be sent to the employers with all the details of the applicant (I’ll have the relevant email for each company in the grid, so I’ll have to pull this data in the automation).
    How would you approach this?

Hey Arik,

I’d have two tables, one called Jobs and one called Applications, and create a link between the two.

I’d create a form view in the Applications table, and allow users to select a record from the Jobs table. They can also upload their CV and cover letter in the form; since it’ll go into the Applications table, it meets your requirement of not going into the Jobs table

After that, I would have an automation that would trigger if the field linking the Jobs record to the Applications record was updated, and make it send an email

@Adam_C thanks, that worked! Much appriciated!

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