Pull other information from "MIN" Rollup result

I am currently working on putting together a price list from our various venders who offer similar products.
One of my tables list the “Generic Product” ID while I have another table with a list of all products we purchase.

I was able to use a rollup easy enough to tell me what the lowest price for that “Generic Product” is but would like for that to also pull the information from that table to tell me which supplier offers the lowest price.

Is there a simple way for me to accomplish this? I have been missing around with some ideas but figured I would ask the community.

Follow the example shown in this video: BuiltOnAir Podcast Season 8 Episode 2 - YouTube

Essentially, you’ll be adding a Formula and a Lookup/Rollup field to one table, and a Lookup/Rollup field to the other.

This worked perfectly! Thanks so much!

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