Pull word count from Google Doc

Does anyone know an integration that will pull a Word Count from a linked Google Doc? For background, we create a record for each post in an editorial calendar. We have a field linking the Google Doc where the document lives and we’d like to add a field that shows the Word Count from the Google Doc. I’d love a way to pull that automatically rather than having to enter it by hand. Thoughts?

Welcome to the community, @Dalene_Rovenstine1!

One way that you could do this would be to automate the process by using a REST API that supports word counting, such as this one:

It looks like you would need to send the document to this API as a .docx file, and then the API will return the word count.

This entire process could be completely automated with Integromat, which is a no-code/low-code automation tool.

p.s. If you have a budget for this project and you’d like to hire an expert Airtable consultant & Registered Integromat Partner to help you automate this, please feel free to contact me through my website at ScottWorld.com.

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