Pulling from multiple tables into one table for a 'everything' category

We have multiple tables for emails, social posts, web graphics, promotions, etc. Each is assigned to a ‘communications date’ that are overlapping. We want to make a single table that pulls in the data from all these other tables for a “everything” table.


Not knowing much about your use-case, I would probably suggest that this data should be stored in one table - and if you need to see each type separately you should use views to do so.

Hi @Julie_Maden - generally, I would agree with @Julian_Kirkness - one table for all things identified by a “type” field and use views/filters to show things of one type. However, if your items don’t neatly fit into a single table you could consider creating an explicit “calendar” table:

In your type-specific tables, rather than have a date field, link to the calendar table date: