Pulling the SUM of a column in one table to another table?

So, let’s say I have a column that holds the total amount of revenue from each customer in a given month.

That column is set up so that the total “Sum” at the very bottom of the table shows the revenue of all customers for that month.

Is there a way to pull that total, the one at the bottom of the table, in to another table so that I can have a single table that output’s the totals by month…like a summary table?

I would like to use this summary table as a nice easy way to share the monthly totals with the team.

Does that make sense?

Welcome to the community, @Keeran_Williams! :smiley: To do this, make a “Months” table, with the name of each record representing a given month/year combo; e.g. “Oct 2021”, “Nov 2021”, etc. In your existing table, link each record to the appropriate record from this [Months] table. Back in the [Months] table, add a rollup field that pulls in data from the appropriate field from your main table and tallies the values using the SUM(values) aggregation formula.

If your team members are collaborators in the same base, you could skip the [Months] table entirely and build something in the new Interfaces feature that displays the same info dynamically.

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