Purpose on a form the attachment rather than the linked field

My wife has started making masks and I’m looking to make a small form to help her take orders.
I think airtable is a wonderful tool and I was looking for an opportunity to test it. I think it would be perfectly suited for that!

I have two tables :

  • a first one, with the name of the fabric (primary key) and a photo of the fabric
  • a second one, for order with fields (name, first name, …) and a linked field on the primary key (name of the fabric)

I generated the form automatically from the order table. I have the possibility of selecting … the name of the fabric (logical will you say to me, it is the linked field). I would rather that the form proposes on the photo of the fabric (rather than its name)?

Would it be possible?
Thank you by advance :slight_smile:

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