Push Comments to Slack?

Upvote as well. I need a way to keep track of the comments I make to make sure my employees have responded/acted on them. Looked into all the outside integrations but don’t see a way to trigger on a comment.

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+3 on this feature request. Right now I don’t see any triggers available for when someone is @mentioned. This would be huge if we could incorporate this into AT automations.

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+4 here. first request for a seemingly basic feature in 11/17.

+1 on this. I imagine pushing the notifications straight from Airtable to Slack could get kinda hairy for Airtable to implement. There are too many variables there. However, if we could get a Zapier trigger for comments (mentions or not), that would allow us to implement it in 1000 different ways. Airtable is not our primary communication tool. I can’t see it ever being that, but conversations get split between Airtable and Slack all the time, because life. However, if we could have a general comment trigger a Zap, we could tell the Zap which Slack channel to notify. If it mentions someone we could have the Zap mention them.

Project A has a linked record table for tasks. Project A has a field for ‘slack channel’. The linked tasks pull in the slack channel value automatically. Someone comments on a task which triggers a Zap to send the comment to the appropriate Slack channel. All we need is the comment trigger. Seems super simple.

+1 to the feature request!

Also, a suggestion for a hacky workaround (that I have implemented, and works ok). Basically, don’t use the comments section of the airtable records at all. Instead, do all commenting in a dedicated slack thread per record. Here’s what I did to make that work:

  • any time a record is created, use zapier to automatically create a slack thread for the record, and place a link to that thread in a prominent field in the record. For fun, I also @ the creator of the record within the thread, and include a link back to the record. All these slack threads are in a single “airtable slack threads” channel.
  • require (by policy) that all commenting happen in the slack thread. (people click the link, have the conversation in slack)

This has an interesting beneficial side effect, which is that you can easily add zapier automations to @ people in the thread for other changes to the record. For example, whenever the members field of a record changes, you can @ all members. (or the new members, if you’re extra fancy) You could potentially implement @'ing in other fields of the record as well. (e.g. if you had a checklist field and wanted to mention people on items, you could parse out the slack names using a custom zapier script, and @ those folks in the thread)

This general solution does require extra fields in the table, but the upside is that you don’t have to set it up for each person’s email.