Putting Google Drive Links in Attachment Cells


Trying to get cells in my base to display photos from Google Drive or Google Photos. When I select Google Drive as the location of the attachment, I get the page that connects me with my Google Accounts. I choose an account, I grant permissions, then we go back to the Airtable attachment selection, but the only option is the same as before “Connect to Google Drive”. I have no problems importing directly from my computer.


I have this issue sometimes too, but it seems to be intermittent. If I reload the page, then it will work for a while, and then stop - or not recognize that there are any files in the Google Drive folder. Sometimes I have to completely close my browser (I use Chrome) and then it works again. Definitely something that needs to be addressed, but refreshing the page is a temporary fix.


Same problem here. It’s driving me nuts. Airtable please fix.