Putting Google Drive Links in Attachment Cells

Trying to get cells in my base to display photos from Google Drive or Google Photos. When I select Google Drive as the location of the attachment, I get the page that connects me with my Google Accounts. I choose an account, I grant permissions, then we go back to the Airtable attachment selection, but the only option is the same as before “Connect to Google Drive”. I have no problems importing directly from my computer.

I have this issue sometimes too, but it seems to be intermittent. If I reload the page, then it will work for a while, and then stop - or not recognize that there are any files in the Google Drive folder. Sometimes I have to completely close my browser (I use Chrome) and then it works again. Definitely something that needs to be addressed, but refreshing the page is a temporary fix.

Same problem here. It’s driving me nuts. Airtable please fix.

Alright, time to get in front of the camera. But seriously, this is driving me crazy. As user Gazflow said a few weeks ago, Link Attachments are completely underwhelming — even broken — when compared to Trello (or Zenkit).

@Airtable — this would enable a massive new workflow for your customers and help you compete with project management giants. Please fix the Attachment field (Filestack) to enable rich link previews.