Python wrapper API error


I’m using the python wrapper (here).

I have a small script that tries to update a field in the ‘Orders’ table. The record is successfully retrieved earlier from the API so I have the ID of the record stored in ‘orderid’. I’m now trying to update 1 field called ‘Folder’ to ‘True’.

record ='id', orderid)
fields = {'Folder': 'True'}
airtable.update(record[id], fields)

But i receive this error which i’m stuck at:

requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 422 Client Error: Unprocessable Entity for url:{id}='rec70yhW5MYcetmxJ' (Decoded URL) [Error: {'type': 'INVALID_FILTER_BY_FORMULA', 'message': 'The formula for filtering records is invalid: unknown field names: id'}]


Your error suggests that there is no field name ‘id’ present in your base.
You will need to explicitly create a filed called ‘id’ in your base and set the type of that field to ‘formula’. Then set the formula to RECORD_ID()
After that it should be smooth sailing



Thanks. I figured it out!