Quantity of Ingredients in Recipe Manager


Well, I’m new to Airtable and have been stuck in this dillema:

I created a table called Recipes (where I log ingredients and other info), and another one called Ingredients (Where I keep average prices, and quantity on stock), so I can keep up with my groceries.
I want to calculate how much will I spend for each recipe, so I can calculate the average dish price.
Is there a way that I can put a value for each ingredient in the recipe (like, 1kg of meat, and 0,3kg of onions ), so I keep my inventory updated?

Below it’s some screenshots of what I’ve got so far…


Show Records that Contain a Value

To log the quantity of ingredients, you’ll need to make a separate table for recipe line items. Here’s a tutorial on implementing line items (which also contains an explanation of why you need to make a separate table in order to hold information about quantities). The example in that tutorial is related to the product catalog example, but I’ve also built a sample recipe base myself which uses the same concepts:

Ingredients table, with cost per cooking unit.

Line items table, which is basically ingredient x quantity per each record

Recipes table, which uses a rollup field to sum up the total cost of all the line items.

Let me know if you need more assistance.

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Thank You Kat! That’s exactly what I was looking for!


Hi Kat, any chance you’d be willing to share that doc as a template?


Feel free to make a copy for yourself using this share link!


Is there a template for recipes/ cookbooks?

I’d really appreciate not having to invent one as this is not my strength.