Quarterly Reporting Setup

Right now I have a basic quarterly reporting function working in one of my bases, but I’m curious how I would improve it.

I have a formula that looks at the starting date of a project and uses that info to tag it with the correct quarter and year. Great. That works fine.

Where I’m a little more confused is how to then get that info consistently out onto a reporting tab.

As of the moment, I’ve created a tab with each quarter of 2021, and I have an automation made for each quarter so that when a record appears with a 1Q-21, 2Q-21, 3Q-21, or 4Q-21 tag, it will be linked to the corresponding quarter record in my new tab.

The issue, though, is that I would have to do this for every quarter of every year. Not the end of the world, but a little annoying for the long term.

Is there any reasonable way to automate the process of creating the new quarter records for each year and automatically adding any records that should go into those quarters going forward without manually adding each quarter and doing an automation for each one?

Hi @Christopher_Cantrall,
Here is a quick video to demo a possible solution.

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