Query on summing/rolling up multiple linked record columns


I have 11 columns of linked records (a football team lineup), with a player in each slot of each column. Is it possible to calculate how many times the same name appears in all the columns in total in the separate linked players sheet?


Hi Sam!

Some ideas:

  • I think you could create a Formula field to count the linked positions and them sum them. But I am testint it and I don’t get it to work :smile:
  • Of course, you could add a Count field for every position, and then sum them with another Formula field.
  • Also, you could create a joining table, so this would be much easier. Also, you could do things like Grouping, and add extra fields like Date Start and Date End in this position, the number in the T-Shirt, and so on. I am fan of auxiliary tables :smiling_imp: Some help: https://support.airtable.com/hc/en-us/articles/218734758-A-beginner-s-guide-to-many-to-many-relationships

Hope this helps!


I’m not sure I understand your situation, but take a look at this base and see if I’m anywhere close. In it I’ve used a linked [Players] table to populate slots in a [Teams] table. (I stopped after 4, assuming the other 7 should work the same way.) I then used COUNTA({Team 1},{Team 2},{Team 3},{Team 4}) to count how many times each player’s name can be found linked to teams.

——but that just seems too easy, so I suspect I’ve missed something. Let me know, and I’ll give it another whack.


Thanks, this is what I’ve been trying at the moment with the individual count fields. Just feels like there should be an easier way.


Thanks Elias, I’ll experiment with the joining table and see if it helps.