Query parameter: Offset invalidate fields[]

Hi everyone,
I’m using the Airtable API to get some data and if I send in the same query parameter the options “offset” and “fields”, the “fields” will be ignored.
GET https://api.airtable.com/v0/app9T56uFsgbBnwd9/Table%201?fields[]=Name → result ok, only field “name” is in the response

GET https://api.airtable.com/v0/app9T56uFsgbBnwd9/Table%201?offset=itrRTMLhF0a3iOmRS%2FrecWISmZwmjg0AeYR → result ok

GET https://api.airtable.com/v0/app9T56uFsgbBnwd9/Table%201?offset=itr4KjTfwwdlSSBm4%2FrecWISmZwmjg0AeYR&fields[]=Name → failed! The filter “fields” was ignored

Does someone know the reason for this behavior?

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