Query re. embedding Gallery View and what viewers can see

Hi so I’m trying to show a card with minimal info then allow a viewer (via an embed link on my webpage) to be able to click the ‘card’ and expand view to show MORE details.

All I am seeing is the fields visible are displayed on the CARD aswell as in the expanded view instead of minimal data on card and MORE data in expanded view.

Please help me, community!

Have you enabled the “show all fields in expanded view” toggle when you created the embed link?


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I have but then the clients can access ALL the fields but I’d like some fields to still be hidden, so it would be -
view 1 - my airtable backend view (all access)
view 2 - embedded gallery view displaying cards with 3-5 fields visible on the card
view 3 - expanded card containing roughly 70% of the fields from that row (30% hidden from ‘embed’ view)

Does that make sense??

It does make sense, but unfortunately Airtable doesn’t currently offer discrete control over the fields visible in the card version vs the expanded version.

An alternate option would be to embed a grid view, but turn on the “Use card layout on desktop” option on the page where Airtable shows you the previews and the embed code. You still won’t have specific control over which fields are visible on the card, but the order of the fields in the grid view will directly determine which fields are visible immediately on the card, with the rest appearing when the card is selected to expand it.

Thank you Justin,
Using this alternate option, it could work if I was able to make the cards wider to accommodate the additional visible fields in card view, rather than 4 card lined up with multiple visible fields expanding the height of the card way more than I would like - do you know if that is possible, the increase card width and maybe have 1-2 per colomn?

@Daniel_Butcher You may want to check out Stacker. It does 100% exactly what you want. It’s very pricey, though.

Thank you for coming back with more information on your use case.

It sound like you want to

  • show some fields in gallery cards
  • show more fields in expanded view
  • but not show all fields

One option is to create a new table specifically for showing this embedded gallery view. Link to the original records, and have lookups for everything else. Include lookups only for the fields that you want in the expanded view. Then created and share the embedded gallery view in this new table.

This method has two disadvantages:

  • you will have to manually maintain links as you add/remove new records
  • you will double the number of records (which might cause you to exceed your plan limits)

On the other hand, this method will do exactly what you want and is free (if you can stay within plan limits).

If this answers your problem, could you please mark this post as the solution?
If not, could you please give a bit more details on your use case and a screen capture?

Unfortunately that’s not possible. Airtable doesn’t currently provide any controls over the way its cards are rendered. I can see the case for having those controls available, though. You might consider adding such a request to the Product Suggestions category (perhaps after a quick search to see if such a topic already exists first).

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