Question about miniExtensions

Does anyone here have experience with using miniExtensions?

Couple of their features (like forms and shared editable view - especially this, looks like it could sold quite a few permission problems we could potentially have with default permissions of Airtable) looks like it could really improve and help with a workflow we plan to implement.

But since they are not some well-known names (like Zapier or Integormat for example), or at least we haven’t heard of them before researching Aritable specific integrations (and I don’t mean any disrespect by saying this) my company can be a bit reluctant to depend on some software packages or integrations that we don’t know anything about

So, if anyone has experience with using their services, it would mean to hear first hand experience, as they have some really good tools (from the information on their site) that could help us a lot and we are seriously thinking about testing them and hopefully using in our workflow if everything goes good.

Yes, they are excellent and many of my clients are using them on a daily basis. I am a professional Airtable developer, and I have zero complaints with Mini Extensions.

I’m actually a little envious of their absolutely perfect & brilliant business model. I wish I had thought of it myself. They have deep insights into the Airtable world, because their entire mission is based on fixing every major problem with Airtable (of which there are many) with an incredibly large suite of essential tools that only cost $40 per month. For $40 per month, you essentially get to fix most of the glaring flaws with Airtable. It’s brilliant.


Thanks a lot for the info :slight_smile:

It helps a lot knowing that there are lot of people using them without any problems. We will definitely test them out and hopefully solve some of the problems we run into while building our workflow (mainly with permissions, but more advanced forms will sure help)

You’re welcome! Another excellent site for permissions is Stacker.

We actually did take a look at Stacker a bit, it would be perfect if we could combine both into one software :smiley:

Ability to build a more user-frendly UI with Stacker and permission control is really good, but it lacks many of more advanced features of miniExtensions, especially if we talk about forms, adding items, linked fields etc.
MiniExtensions are really feature rich, from my first impression :slight_smile:

My only concern with miniExtensions are that are link fully public, I hoped that you could restrict access to them by domain or someway (like native Airtable share)

But there is no perfect solution in world of software, you always need to pickup between different pros and cons i guess

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