Question about Pro Account

We are considering buying a Pro Account, we are not sure we can procure accounts for all users. If we layout Airtable using the proaccount, (including colors) can that still be accessed by free users? Please let me know.

Pro accounts apply to Workspaces, not Users or even Bases. Meaning if you pay for a Pro subscription for a particular workspace, anyone who has access to it can see the applied colors, blocks, etc. Whether or not they can edit the colors/blocks/etc depends on the permission levels you give them.

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Also keep in mind that if you upgrade a workspace to a Pro account, you will have to pay for every user, except for read-only users. Thus, users who are currently “free” might no longer be free if you upgrade.

^ @kuovonne is right, I was assuming by “free users” you meant “people with only read-permissions to my base(s)” and not “people who do not have their own workspaces” (though these are not mutually exclusive goups).

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