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Just one quick question about Table Sync.

Since we are new to Airtable and just started exploring it, trying to build our workflows and see if it can fit our needs, we thought to start utilizing this sync from the start for updating and maintinging some shared information.

Basically, we wanted to have on “Global” base where we could put tables with our clients, contacts, suppliers etc. and then sync those tables to other bases for our other departments. This way we won’t need to make separate tables for each department and would have single point that needs to be updated and maintained.

Question here is, there is no way for people in those other departments to update for example client list from their base (where they would have clients table synced from “Global”), only option is to update existing fields with button column option?. They would need to have access to “Global” database and directly add new client in origin table? Idea was to restrict access to this “Global” base so we don’t have lot of people adding, deleting etc., and just make it so that each department can add their own new clients to this centralized table from their own base where it is synced. Is there any possibility to setup something like this or this sync is strictly one-sided? Are there any plans maybe to make a two-way sync?

I hope I didn’t make it too complicated to understand :smiley:
Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

In order to directly edit or delete existing data in the synced table, users would need to be able to edit/delete the data in the synced table directly, even if using the “open record source” button .

However, if users only need to add new records and not update existing ones, you can create a form view for the global table, and then let users add records using the form view. If you have a pro subscription you can also limit the form by domain or password.

It is also possible to setup a button that opens a form where users can submit update requests to existing records, with the record to be updated prefilled. The user would then fill out just the changes. You can then process those update requests manually or with an automation. This can be a bit tricky to setup if you are new to Airtable. If you would like to hire a consultant to explain this in more detail or set it up for you, feel free to reach out.


Thanks for quick answer and information :slight_smile:

We are still in begining phases, if we decide to commit to Aritable as our main tool we could easly get into position where we might need some expert help to set it all up, but at the moment we are trying to figure out if that is right direction to go.

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Another new users here, I have synched several project bases but how do I make them auto-dump into my main base, “main view” tab?

There currently is no out-of-the-box support for combining multiple synced tables into a single table. It is much easier to reverse the direction of the sync, going from a master table of all records in one base, and then syncing selected views to the other bases. Of course, this might not be possible, depending on how you need to setup permissions.

Some people have gotten creative with using automations to copy data back and forth from synced tables to a combined table.