Question in billing a contract collaboration Team


I am Pro table premium with the annual plan. I would like to onboard one team to help me with my Airtable database data, but I don’t want to pay another annually; I would love to spend the other account as monthly due for only contract base. Now my question, If adding one collaboration, does that mean that I have to pay him annually as well? Or I do not understand the plan instruction yet. What would be the best solution in my case? I hope someone can explain to me.

Thank you

Hi @Clyteroll_Cabual and welcome to the community!

More info via this link.

For annual plans

If you add a billable collaborator to a workspace on an annual plan, you will initially be charged for the full remaining annual commitment for that collaborator. If you remove a billable collaborator from a workspace on annual plan, you will be granted a refund in Airtable credits prorated to the day the collaborator was removed.

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