Question mark appeared next to phone number in field

Hi! I imported an Excel spreadsheet into a new Base. When I did, some of the addresses and phone numbers had a question mark appear next to them. What is this and how can I get rid of it? 434-332-8227�

Hi @Jennifer_Williams1

I think this has to do with encoding, if I understand correctly, it has to do with origin of the data.

The other option would be to try Google Sheets and see if that might help.

Or perhaps you can take a look at this post for a possible solution.

Hope it helps.

Mary Kay

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Hi @Jennifer_Williams1,

Something else you can check is if the file is encoded in Unicode (UTF 8) format. You’ll want to be sure you have that selected when exporting from Excel.

For certain programs (such as Mac Excel 2011) that don’t support UTF 8, another option is to simply copy/paste the data from Excel into Airtable (click here for a guide on this).

Another possible workaround is to convert the CSV file to a different encoding, by opening the CSV in Sublime Text ( Then click File -> Save With Encoding -> UTF-8 LE with BOM.

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