Question on creating a shareable private link in Airtable

So I’m a real estate agent and I use Airtable to keep track of all my deals. I have one block for rentals. In rentals it’s very common for a prospective tenant to want to see all my current active listings. I typically have 40-60+ rentals at any given time, some times more.

Right now, when people ask for my list, I ask for their search parameters, go through the entire list myself, then respond back with a few listings. The problem is I have 25-75 people reaching out a day and 40-60 listings, plus an entire buy/sell side of the business. It’s becoming impossibly time consuming.

So when I heard about the ability to create a shareable link to my up-to-date database, I got really excited. Especially when I realized I could hide fields that are for internal use only and I do not want prospects to see. But then I realized the primary field is the address of the unit and there is no way to hide this (but it’s really important to hide addresses for a lot of use cases I won’t get into right now).

So I guess my question is, is there a work around? How can I share my rental airtable database with prospective tenants easily, while making sure my primary fields (address of unit) are hidden or at least semi-anonymized? Any help, thoughts, feedback is SO appreciated.


Welcome to the community, @sage_jankowitz!

There are probably different approaches to this, but I would personally recommend what I think is the best & easiest approach — which is to use Stacker to handle this for you.

This is precisely what Stacker was designed to do — open up parts of your data to the outside world, but not ALL of your data! :slight_smile:

Sounds intriguing @ScottWorld, thanks for sharing! I’ll take a look!

You’re welcome! Glad I could help! :slight_smile: If you don’t mind, could you please mark my comment above as the solution to your question? This will help other people who have a similar question in the future. :slight_smile:

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