Question on Workspaces and Setup

I’m still pretty new to Airtable, and I’ve searched for this info to no avail. I’m trying to understand the core reason(s) for using multiple workspaces.

In our business, we have multiple clients with very different setups and data. I need to be sure those streams don’t cross. If we can share the bases within the workspace without granting access to everything, is there a reason why I couldn’t use one workspace and build out a base for each client?

Nope. That’s exactly what you should do.

OK so then under what circumstances would it make sense to have more than one workspace?

Primarily organizational purposes. But since Airtable charges based on workspaces instead of accounts, this may not be the ideal setup if you’ll need the Pro features in many of your workspaces.

That’s pretty much what I had pieced together, but glad to hear it from someone more experienced. Thanks!

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