Questions About One to Many Links


So we have a table (see below) that has several linked records. We then do a variety of lookups on the linked records. I have a couple of questions about the lookups.

  1. When there are multiple linked records the lookup value are always in reverse order of the linked field. i.e in the example below look at row 11, the status of Signature ID 562 is Normalied and the status of Signature ID 18 is None. As far as I can tell this is always reversed. Is there a way to prevent this?

  2. If the lookup field is blank for one of the records but not the other is there an easy way to associate the value with the record. For example in row 1 if Signature ID 1 did not have a Status value, the Status lookup would just say normalized. How do I determine which of the Signature ID’s does not have a value and which one is “normalized”



Not at the present.

As far as I know, you can’t — at least not from the records directly. You’ll have to find some way to pass that information along. (While not directly addressing your issue, some of the techniques featured in this base might prove useful.)


Understood, thanks for the reply