Quick way to navigate from sync'd view to original table

Is there a quick way to go from a record in the a sync’d view back to the originating view?

Unfortunately, no. :frowning:

If you add a Button field to the sync’d table you can set its function to open the corresponding record in the original base. It will open a new tab to show the table/view that was used to create sync.


Thanks @Kamille_Parks. I’ll give this a try. :+1:t4:

Wow, thanks, @Kamille_Parks! I did not know this! I was looking within the button field itself at all of our different options, but it only shows this particular option if we’re operating within a synced table. I was looking at the button field in a non-synced table!

Hmmm… I’m not 100% sure if this is the best user interface idea for them to hide this option, because it’s not super-discoverable unless you’ve already set up a synced table. That DOES makes logical sense to some degree, but it might be a better user interface idea for them to show the option but keep it dimmed. I’m gonna email them about this.

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