Quoate building and sending

I am trying to make a quote builder in an “opportunity table”

The way I do it is I mark a company/contact (in their respective tables) as “in progress” and a record gets created in another table (called Opportunities).

in there I link to a products table and delivery table (the products are ad spaces, the delivery are the publications/issues) and then I add lookup fields and counting fields to make one quote. I have made 4 copies of this to be able to put together multiple offers for the client to chose from.

After filling out fields, I would like to be able to click a button for the quotes to aggregate to a pdf (or straight into the body of the e-mail) and sends it to the contact.

I know there’s a solution similar to this for contracts that requires two other apps (zapier and helloSign) but I’m wondering if there’s a way of doing this without the extra apps.

Generally you need to have all the information for the pdf or email in a single record. It isn’t clear if you already have all the quotes lined to the opportunity.

You can use an email automation if you want to include the info directly in the body of the email. However, email automations have very limited formatting options (no tables).

For generating a pdf file, in order to create a pdf file attachment with a single click, you must use a third party service. Generating a pdf file with Page Designer requires multiple clicks, printing to PDF, and manually uploading the pdf to an attachment field.

There are many third party methods for generating a pdf file. Picking a method depends on many factors—budget, need for a legally binding digital signature, ease in setup, ease in maintenance, complexity of the document, etc.

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