Random Blank records after creating via API

Here’s an odd one random records go blank after being created 40 out of around 600 entries. Here’s the kicker it thinks the content is there. Can’t add the linked item because it thinks it is already linked. Add in the OS, the history shows no change just the original entry by the API.

Also, could sort by the supposedly blank records

Deleting effected records and rerunning the job seems to have fixed the issue. Only change I made was to remove Groupings in the view I was linking to (the one I was writing to had no groupings). Not sure why that would make a difference though. I’ll see if it reoccurs; maybe it was just a one off error.

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It could have been a caching issue in the user interface. I’ve sometimes seen weird things where linked records appear to not be updated in the user interface, but clearing cache/restarting the base helps.

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