Random deletion of records!?

Hi there! So, I am in a weird position where one of my collaborators is randomly deleting text records whenever she opens certain records in a base. She said she’s not clicking anything (but in the activity bar, it keeps saying she’s removing all the information). It doesn’t make any sense at all because to delete something… it’s an active thought. Has anyone experienced this?

Are field values being erased, or is the whole record being deleted? Is she using keyboard shortcuts?

Just certain fields. She says she’s not touching anything (I’m also unsure where to check for ‘delete’ keyboard shortcuts)… it’s just the text fields that are being erased.

So for example, a field like this would be deleted when she opens up the record.

Odd. And its only happening to her? In multiple tables or just one?

It is just her, and she’s only a member of this 1 table (so don’t know if it happens on other tables).

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