Rating scale/matrix for form view


Hey there. We would like to build a survey for clients that would work the same as a SurveyMonkey survey, but built straight from our Clients table so we don’t have to import data between apps. Is there any way to create a Matrix/rating scale in Airtable? The question we can ask very easily in Survey Monkey asks students’ availability via a matrix of Days of the Week and Time. Any way to do this in airtable? :slight_smile:


Agreed! I’d kill to see Qualtrics-level form input options, if only a few. Sliders are key in creating surveys that don’t force predetermined outcomes.


So, I take it from Andrew’s reply that there’s no workaround to this? I’m not a coder so wasn’t sure if there might be some clever techniques out there. Thanks for your affirmation, though, Andrew!